Mindfulness: Awake My Soul

With blog creation comes the glorified responsibility of thematic decision-making. No blog is complete, nor powerful in the least without a captivating, lest note-worthy topic. After spending substantial time practicing yoga within the past few months, I have grown using its benefits. I found that my body was changing and improving and even at times, my mind was allowing itself peace as well. But with yoga, there is another component – a nutritious massage to the soul. While I don’t condone the religious aspect of yoga, I do praise its integration of spirituality, truly seeking the power of peace and depth into one’s faith.

Being a Christian is my greatest attribute. I enjoy being a part of the beautiful faith! And though some might argue that yoga is counter-intuitive to our faith, I might slightly disagree. It has become a vehicle of serenity for me, where I have found more intimate time with God and I have reached him on a physical level, rather than just sitting to pray. I’m activating my body in tune with my soul to create a beautiful space where I can connect with Him – the definition of mindfulness.

Mindfulness, in its most inherent qualities, is a gateway to awareness. It is the capacity to know the surroundings of the self, physically and spiritually. It draws the mind into the present – focusing on the greatest moment of all time, the present one. Yoga doctrine upholds this enticing concept to the highest degree, but more so, it highlights the power of acceptance, the acknowledgement of the moment with no judgment to be placed.

Though I’m no advocate for this erupting societal norm of hyper intolerance, I do support the notion of being within the moment. So, the Extremely Imperative and Inevitable Crusade for Tolerance aside…I do find mindfulness stimulating to the brain as it pulls focus to the moment and pushes away stress and/or external pressures.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness have been emphasized by scholars and non-scholars alike. There is great power that comes with practicing mindfulness, so much so that it actually improves many aspects of one’s life. Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of MBSR, lists them as follows:

Its benefits could seem soft in terms of content – “make you feel better” type answers. But these benefits transcend from the qualitative to quantitative quite fast. And though the scientific studies behind it fascinates me, I don’t have time nor patience to write it here.

To better understand the impact of mindfulness, I want to provide some valuable resources below.

And now since I’m into infographics as of late, here are a few to top of this topic!






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