Language Shapes Thought

Linguistic Determinism

I’m sure many have heard the mantra, Words shape the mind. Or some variation thereof. It is a maxim I follow day in and day out, especially in recent months. Though I will admit great fault in maintaining this mantra to perfection, I do keep in perspective how my words affect my mind and the minds of those around me.

It is a basic principle that I doubt anyone would actually disagree with. The words that flow from your mouth are engraved in parts of your brain. In the Wernicke’s area of the brain, where fluency is developed and maintained is where we see our minds taking words as permanent means of communication. In this location, we find our brains employing words we find necessary to communicate. If the words you place in your fluency data-bank are negative or non-productive or victim-oriented, then your linguistic output will reflect that. And eventually your thoughts and physical body will follow suit.

In your front lobe of your brain, where the higher mental functions like concentration, judgment, creativity, etc. foster, our language is even more at risk if it takes a negative mold. If we find ourselves being negative, our creative functions might see our work as poor and useless, and maybe there irrelevant. If we experience victimhood in our word choices, our emotional expression becomes severely infantile.

Even down to the Occipital lobe, which is where image memory and recognition exists, we can deduce that our minds are filtered to look and perceive according to the language we choose. Which words stand out to you on a billboard? In a book, magazine? It is what our minds choose to identify both internally and externally.

My most basic and personal mantra, one that I’ve developed from my family throughout the years is “You earn, you don’t deserve.” In this life, you deserve nothing – as I believe. It is our goal as human beings to find means of earning our living. This concept plays deeply into the court of my political beliefs, but it applies to life in its most basic principles as well. The more I learn about earning, the better I become in a variety of aspects of life. I learn humility by working for my earnings. I better know acceptance and sufficiency rather than pouting for more. I am more in touch with a higher work ethic. I respect those around me more, especially those who I see work to earn. Everyone can discover their own persona mantra that they can share with others.



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Here are two sources for Positive Words that can be used as substitute for negative words, Source #1 and Source #2.

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Pinterest also has a good research engine for positive words and other mantras as well.



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