Day 11

May 3, 2016

For the Spirit

Prayer/Verse/Quote: “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Jeremiah 33:3


Focus: Finding a new job – which might happen any day now! In light of the great migration to Greensboro, where I planned to go to graduate school, we had a bit of a reality check the other night. Through some unfortunate revelations yet compromising solutions, Keith and I have decided to stay in Georgia, albeit not in Kennesaw. We will hopefully be living around the Perimeter, just not a rock’s throw distance to our houses – not that we don’t love our parents! We-I-need change. I haven’t consulted God since these decisions have been flying around; I only usually ask for Him to guide me another way if I seem to veer away from His path, which He has always done for me. I prayed two nights ago, specifically how ridiculous it was that I didn’t reach out to Him sooner. It was a loss on my end, that I didn’t go to the one being I knew would understand best. However, the power of God works in the most mystical and magical ways. The following morning, I was lying in bed, scrolling through my super efficient LinkedIn Jobs app. I came across one job, Christian-based, entry level, customer service position, something I knew I could do with zeal. I applied through the app, within the hour I received an email inquiring my job status, and that day at 1pm I had a phone call with the owner, who proceeded to ask me to come in for another interview the following day-today! I opened my lips to speak my struggle and before I can reach full development of my prayers, God was in the works. He was working before I was born and He was working before I opened my silly app. He works. Endlessly and lovingly.

Intention: Openness to New Possibilities

For the Body

Type of Yoga Session:

Pose Success:

Pose Struggle:

Mood Before: Excited, Upbeat, Alert

Mood After:


Ultimate Goal: Monkey pose, Hanumanasana

For the Mind

Positive Thoughts: It is imperative to offer every day the opportunity to cultivate the body, to discipline the self by performing daily rituals, and to draw the mind in, the foremost principles being mindfulness and general well-being.


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