Self-Update: Marriage


By no means is this post going to be dedicated to my newly furbished marriage, but I do find some importance in the reshaping of my life as of the past month or so. Having said that, it’s time for a little up-to-date post, and one that does the series of events some justice.

On the happiest of notes, I’m newly married! I married the love of my life, my eternal partner, my confidant, friend, the one who has bewitched me body and soul, as the great Jane Austen would have it. Keith and I have been dating for three years to finally tie the knot on June 24th, so as of now, we have been married for around 11-12 days – and we’re experts! Only kidding, of course.

Since then, we have partied hard at a reception, traveled on hours of sleep, cruised around the Caribbean, and landed back home, only to have Keith travel away from home this week, and me alone in the apartment. This time alone is a bit more unique than other times given that I am now a permanently (and happily so) member of this particular  household. This apartment is my new home now, something I’m getting the hang of, for sure. I have a husband, not just a fiance, which is a world of difference. We have become one, connected spiritually and lawfully. It’s strange not having him here, more so than other times, but it’s even more peculiar because we’ve spent the past 10 days completely enveloped in one another, only to be drastically separate between states. Oh, I’m looking forward to his return home!

We had a wonderful wedding! The whole thing was just blissful and enjoyable. So many people have asked me to implore on my own experiences and share theirs – that is truly fun to listen to. However, I’m growing worn of talking about it, though it was still a raving party. I’m ready for marriage. It seems as though I thought I was ready even back in high school, always confirming with my best friends that my superior maturity would have allowed me to get married then and there. How naive. Nevertheless, after all the moments in my room, talking to God about how prepared I was, I really was not prepared. Only until these last few weeks have I felt ready for it and now, being only days in, and if I’m not too presumptuous, it feels all the more natural.

For an example of how this marriage is reforming my life, today I drove to work without anxiety. I have terrible road-rage and impatience for slow drivers – a trait I continuous fail to remedy. Most days, I tail-gate and show extreme frustrations. Often times, I find myself furious between the traffic and talk radio that I build up a tiny anxiety bubble in my stomach. Today, I did not have that. I flowed through traffic today, not getting angry, not in an unnecessary hurry. Both there and back, I found peace in the flow and didn’t fight it. I had no anxiety.

And now that I’m home alone, the free time I now have is astounding – is this what normal people feel like? If so, I’ve been sorely missing out. Tonight, after dinner with my family, I watched some TV to unwind and later explored the Smart TV features. There are a few free yoga apps I downloaded and began poking through to find some cool videos, all free for my discretion. It is on my to-do list to quit going to my gym as it is not a conducive environment for working out, which would in turn mean no yoga – not that I’ve been going since I got my new job. But I love yoga. It is the newest passion of mine and I’ve veered so far off course. I posted a short excerpt before the wedding to remind myself of my commitment to yoga. In fact, I remarked on starting a Yoga Challenge. My now-husband agreed to do one with me, though he’d have his own route. Here are the conditions:

  1. Each yogi will have one focal pose with a theme.
  2. Every day for 30 days will the yogi practice the pose for a set duration.
  3. The yogi will take a photo of themselves in the pose every day.
  4. A journal entry of each day will be collected for summation.
  5. Every photo must reflect the theme and a smile!

Basic rules to be boundless, funnily enough. Below are our yoga challenge specs:

  • Becky’s Yoga Challenge
    • King Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana
    • Intention – to strengthen spine, shoulders, hips, and core
    • Theme – Annular Gratitude, giving thanks to God for the gifts and guidance He has affored me this past year, the year being symbolized through the pose
  • Keith’s Yoga Challenge
    • Pose – TBD
    • Intention –
    • Theme –

I will most likely create a page for our yoga challenges, so as to keep my blog super organized! Until then, enjoy some sporadic posts.






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