New Hobbies: Herbalism

Hello! It has been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I like to think, I’m back! In the meantime, I’ve found myself finally settling down..though amidst the holiday season. In this limbo period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have discovered a new hobby I would like to explore. So, by no means do I claim to be an expert on this new topic, but I like to think I could truly enjoy something within this field, especially as it pertains to many similar beliefs as my yoga practice and my commitment to soccer. Funny how it all balances out!

This new field, new hobby is herbalism. Herbalism is summarily the use of herbs as means of medicine, natural medicine. It is a natural way of maintaining the body, where in its weaker or stronger moments throughout the day. I’m not organic vegan freak, I say with no remorse. Veganism and anti-antibiotic activists do have their part in the world! Those who oppose man-made medicine help keep the pharmascuetical field in check, more or less, and the vegans who vehemently oppose meat and milk and eggs, only leave more of those items for the rest of us. By no means do I embrace this new hobby as a granola-infused hippie. I embrace a new field for two reasons: one, I’m obsessed with Outlander, a story about a woman who time-travels to the 1740s and uses herbs to survive, pretty cool, and two, politics. I fundamentally believe in self-sufficiency, though I do not practice it enough. My husband challenges me in the best of ways to consider prepping and being as prepared for what the world may bring us.

And in this new prepping mindset, I attempt to explore herbalism as means of alternative and daily home-inspired remedies. I would rather use mint to cure my nausea and ginger to ease my stomach pains and lemon balm to prevent cold sores. All things I hope to learn  more about and hopefully combine with my love of yoga and mindfulness and of course…cooking!

Here are links for reference for the basics of Herbalism:

Homegrown Herbal Remedies

Herbal Home Remedies for Healthy Families

The Nerdy Farm Wife

10 Ways to Use Lemon Balm

How to Start Using Herbs

Herbal Electuaries

How to Make Herbal Tinctures



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