Inversion Experience

Tonight, in my brief 3-minute inversion, I experienced the world upside down. I brought myself into a handstand, a risky pose to choose for an inversion without practicing regularly. But I took on a unique challenge amidst my illness, recuperation, and yoga thirst. It brought me to a new perspective of the world. Seeing the ceiling as now my floor, and my floor now is my ceiling. The turvy perspective allowed me to surrender into the pose. The pain atop of my head ceased, my core tightened, and my arms became the Balance, not the strength. I managed to tap into this surrendering, which granted me access to peace. God urged me tonight to ignore the thoughts of others and not to allow their opinions dictate my life. I fall victim to this daily. It is no burden that I expect others to change, but it is a mentality of mine that should be extinct. This new perspective is a gateway into my special world where the only opinions that matter are God’s and my husband’s. I thank God for the access into this surrendering. 



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