Moment, Not Things


Not that I am necessarily a materialistic person, in that I am not defined by the materials and goods I own, but I do focus on others and experiences rather than living in the moment for myself. It occurs too often when I prioritize others and their wants. I need to be more proactive in shifting that focus on myself and my moments. Other people are important, but I let them dictate my every day life and decisions. To no fault of their own, they are vastly special humans to me. But Becky needs Becky’s attention.

For the Spirit

Prayer/Verse/Quote: Be Lazarus; a vessel for God to act in accordance with His Word

Focus: Being an adult and accountable for me

Intention: Stretching

For the Body

Type of Yoga Session: Yin

Pose Success: Supta Baddha Konasana

Pose Struggle: Child’s Pose (impatience)

Mood Before: Worn Out, Achy

Mood After: Lucid, Sleepy, Snuggly

Inversion: None

For the Mind

Positive Thoughts: It is imperative to offer every day the opportunity to cultivate the body, to discipline the self by performing daily rituals, and to draw the mind in, the foremost principles being mindfulness and general well-being.


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